The Great Speaker Wire Debate Resolved

Published: 06th June 2011
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There have been countless discussion in regards to the differences in speaker cable quality. In short wire runs under 50 ft, 16 AWG can get the project done. Should you wish to make the means of picking out wire quite easy -- select 12 AWG cord each time. The 12 gauge wire works great for long runs and short runs.

Precisely what to consider When Purchasing Speaker Cable

  • A word of recommendation with hooking up speakers is always to run all three of the front audio speakers using the same length speaker wire because it will keep the resistance exactly the same..

  • Should you be routing speaker wire through the wall structure avoid the use of bare wire. Rather, utilize UL rated, CL2 , or CL3 speaker wire. Doing this will make sure that you pass building code inspections. Not likely, nevertheless it's much better to be on the safe side of things. Unlikely, nevertheless do yourself a advantage and use CL2 rated .

  • It is never a poor decision to fix the terminates of the wire with banana plugs. They make it incredibly easier to plug the wire in and in addition provide for a much higher quality setup. If it is not banana plugs, it's also possible to solder the tips of the line.

So does oxygen free mean it's a much cable?
Many brand name speaker wire providers really love to slap the label "Oxygen-free" on the wire . Nevertheless, oxygen free or not fails to create the tiniest variation. The reality is, taking out the o2 also lessens on the purity of the iron and consequently drastically enhances the resistance. Even so, the real difference involving standard copper wire and oxygen free copper cable is really too little to note any value.

Methods to Hook up Speaker Wire
While connecting speaker wire, all you have to do is literally complement the ends. It can be fairly typical for one wire to be marked and the other one bare. But nevertheless, both wires are exactly the same apart from the markings. You just need to remain consistent -- for example, in case you attach the marked end in the red terminal on the amplifier, connect the same marked end on the red terminal on the loudspeaker.

Do you want to really know what will sound better comparing a seriously promoted name speaker wire versus a lamp wire? The reality is that nobody was able to tell the difference among the 16 gauge lamp fixture wire and the expensive and highly marketed wire.

Here's the best tip of all - make an online purchase when buying speaker cable. Do a google search for speaker wire, you will easily select a couple of website that sell them at great prices, and they even do the job just as well. the site I like to shop at for speaker wire is at Except in cases where you might be an audiophile freak which wants to save up for several months just to pay for their speaker cable (which will just end up being a waste seeing that there's no difference in audio quality), pick the big low-cost spool of copper speaker wire and save your hard earned cash. I ordinarily choose the lowest priced per sq . ft .

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